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University of Detroit Mercy ranked "Best Value"


University of Detroit Mercy School of Law named one of America's top values

National Jurist magazine, the largest magazine for law students in America, has ranked University of Detroit Mercy in their top ten "Best Values" for private law schools in the United States. UDM also earned the distinction of being the only Michigan law school earning the publication's "Excellent Value" rating.

The magazine based their decisions using the "ABA-LSAC 2004 Official Guide to American Bar Association-Approved Law Schools." Using a 3.0 scale, the comparison gives a 30 percent weight each to tuition and bar pass rates and 10 percent each to unemployment rates, median grants awarded, clinics slots available and faculty-student ratio. National Jurist also looked at scholarships available to students; in fact UDM is offering nearly $1 million in financial aid this year to students.

"We are very proud that National Jurist has recognized the value of the education we provide at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law," said Mark C. Gordon, UDM School of Law.

"Our faculty, administrators, staff and students work extremely hard to make our Law School a special place. Just this semester, we introduced what is to our knowledge the first ever Law School Mobile Law Office in the country as part of our clinical program. We also began a Mediation Clinic in which students are already certified as mediators before they even start in the clinic."

"We are proud of the excellent education that our students receive, preparing them for successful careers, Gordon said. "The top 25 largest law firms in the region currently employ nearly 400 alumni, and 100 alumni currently preside as judges throughout the state and beyond."


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