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Anyone headin' to 'nova?


Barring a miracle delivering me from University of Maryland's wait list, I'll be heading back home to the Philadelphia area to Villanova.

Any other future Wildcat law students out there?

Congrats on 'Nova!  I'm accepted as well, though I haven't decided yet.  Do you know if Villanova has a part-time Law program?  No mention of it on their less-than-spectacular website.  I work in the area and am considering going part-time if I end up going to a local school.


Heck Yeah Wildcats (I didn't even know that's what we're called!) 

I'm headed there too assuming William and Mary doesn't move thier waitlist in my direction.  I've only been up to Villanova once....for an admitted students day.  Other than the brochures/website can anyone say anything about the student life at villanova?  I'm coming from undergrad in D.C. so I'm kind of worried about "culture shock."  Anyone got anything to offer about what we might expect this fall?


curious as to your decision to go to 'nova over Penn.  care to share your thoughts...


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