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Anyone here go to Wayne or planning on going?

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I will be applying to Wayne State This year and would like to know what any current students think about it

I'm going this fall for law.  So far, I have found that it is very disorganized.

1.  I received an e-mail saying I needed to fill out my Financial forms but when I called the office, they said it was a mistake and had been sent to all law applicants.  They never sent an additional e-mail saying to disregard the mess up.

2.  I didn't receive my e-mail and password (you receive an account upon application) and therefore, had to call technical support. 

3.  The technical support for the e-mail at Wayne said that they showed my status as a "student" and not as an applicant and that I must have just got accepted and haven't received my letter....turns out he was wrong and I was still on the wait list.

4.  I received a phone call from the admissions office saying I need to call back to confirm my seat.  They said they had sent me an e-mail to my Wayne e-mail account but got no response.  I checked my e-mail and had never received that message.

5.  I was told that I could would be assigned by the school to a class section and writing section and that I could only pick my class section if I put in a request by e-mail.  Turns out that I was able to pick my class section when registering.

Everything is so confusing and information on different pages of their website conflict with others within the site.  I couldn't get into U of M, so I was stuck with Wayne since I wanted to go to a Tier 1 school and the tuition is relatively low.

The admissions program is not very good.
I was accepted at three schools, including
Wayne.  The other schools were vastly more
helpful.  Hopefully, next years 1ls won't
have the same issue, new Dean new SBG program, etc.

Anyone here have Moran for Criminal last year?

Wayne's got good instructors, a wide variety of courses and clinical programs, and it's really really cheap.

there's a one-l running a weblog about the school, might be useful or interstig to check out


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