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Just wondering if anyone knows:

1.  About how many people are waitlisted each year here.
2.  How many waitlisted spots are offered eventual admission (on average).


I am currently a 1L at GMU. There are several people on this board who have gotten off the wait list, so you might want to talk to them. I think there are about 30 that will ultimately get admission, but this all depends on pecking order and other factors. I know a few people who got off the waitlist that are 1L's now. Also, I know reapplying can up your chances of admission. I love GMU, so I definetly encourage you to come there!

Also, try giving the admin office a call. GMU is VERY responsive to student concerns, so they will probably give you the information they want. Also, check the prospective students board at

Hope this helps!

I just got off the WL at GMU, I'd guess that they let in about 30-50 people last week(from what Ive gathered), about a week after the deposit was due. I checked on George Mason - WL,accepted) and it seems that just about all the people they just let in off the waitlist  were high lsat/low gpa types (myself included), probably because they wanted to bring up their lsat #'s.

I got accepted off GMU's waitlist last week.  I went to GMU's open house and a bunch of students at the open house had also gotten off the waitlist as well.

I also got off the wait list and fall under that high lsat/low gpa category.  I was also at the open house, so I probably saw you there =P  I got a good impression of the school and am DEFINITELY going there.  Everyone seemed to have positive things to say about the school, and it definitely didn't feel as uptight as some of those "schools across the river".  Haha


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