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BU.....worth it??? or wait for NYU???


BU.....worth it??? or wait for NYU???
« on: April 14, 2004, 08:29:25 AM »
I'm in at BU, and waitlisted at NYU and trying to decide my next move.
I'm currently in Boston but I'm from NY where my mom still is and she thinks I should live with her send in a deposit to Rutgers while waiting for NYU, but if I don't end up getting in I'll be pretty pissed to have given up BU for Rutgers,

But, I have to say that I haven't really enjoyed my dealings with BU to this point. Everyone who I've talked to has been rude to me, minus the director of ad and finaid who graciously granted my depoisit extension. And I took my Lsats there and wasn't terribly impressed with the building, it looked pretty drab. And then people have told me that BU students in general are snobby and rude as well, but people said that about my undergrad so I don't believe everything I hear, but can anyone shed any light????????


Re: BU.....worth it??? or wait for NYU???
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2004, 09:48:40 AM »
DO what you feel is right.
However, if you love your mother, at least give yourself the chance to please her
and give yourslef the chance to go to a top ten school by waiting for NYU. Boston is beautiful though.

By the way, do you mind telling me your stats?
I was waitlisted to Columbia and I'm dying to get into NYU...I'm sure to hear from them by the end of april. Waiting for my letter is agonizing.
I,too , am from New York, Manhattan in fact. I was pretty set on going to UVA, which I've already been accepted to, until I visited it and realized that New York is my home becuase of my friends and family and that despite how crappy the smog and weather are compared to Virginia, I belong at home.
Now I am dying to get into NYU!

I got a 177/3.33(SUNY stonybrook b.s. math) and I had a pretty mediocre resume.
Lastly, IWaitlists are very tough to get off of, but living in New York gives you a big advantage if you tell NYU that you are dying to get in and will accept any last minute decision to accept you off their waiting list.



Re: BU.....worth it??? or wait for NYU???
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2004, 10:23:40 AM »
My stats are pretty bad 156/3.1 (Trinity,ba polisci) but suprisingly my gpa is just about the average for my school. But I have 3 years WE with a homeless NP, a pretty disadvantages background, and URM. I should happy to even be wlisted at NYU.

I did think about doing the begging thing with them but honestly, I'm moving into a new apt in boston in a few weeks and really don't feel like dropping everything to move home if I don't hear until August, but on the other hand, would I rather be at the #5 school over the #23? Of course!!

The last thing that would play into it is that I am still waiting on my final decision, HLS, which I'm almost positive I won't get in, but if NYU could wl me then there is a chance? a miracle, I heard from somewhere that if you haven'theard yet that might mean that they are waiting for the april 15th deposits to come in before they make more decisions which would mean that I least I wasn't an auto reject???


Re: BU.....worth it??? or wait for NYU???
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2004, 09:52:56 AM »
how did you get into bu with those stats?  are you a URM?


Re: BU.....worth it??? or wait for NYU???
« Reply #4 on: May 08, 2004, 04:47:47 AM »
One thing you haven't mentioned is what you want to do after you graduate.  Do you want to go into public interest law?  Or are you considering BIGLAW?

I'm a student at BUSL and if you can get over the fact that the building absolutely sucks, BUSL is terrific.  The faculty are top-notch, and the students are generally collegial and friendly.  I can't explain the rudeness, which I haven't personally experienced, but if you've met rude students and were visiting recently, it may have been because of final exam angst.  I don't know.

From your stats, I think you are a longshot for Harvard (of course, still a chance, albeit small) and a longshot to get in off the waitlist at NYU.  The conventional wisdom for giving yourself the most opportunities is to attend the highest-ranked school that you've gotten into.  Although some people think going to a lower-ranked school and doing very well there (e.g., top 10, law review) would be better than going to the higher-ranked school and being in the middle of the pack.  The big problem with this strategy is that it's IMPOSSIBLE to predict where you will end up on the curve.  I mean, who doesn't work hard in law school?  Every one does.   About 90% of law school students who really, really wanted to be in the top 10% did not make it into the top 10%.   ;) 

That said, family is important and law school isn't cheap.  Rutgers might make sense for you, unless you absolutely do not want to go there.

Good luck to you.


Re: BU.....worth it??? or wait for NYU???
« Reply #5 on: May 11, 2004, 02:10:53 PM »
I am a URM and I didn't get into HLS and still haven't heard from NYU, which probably isn't a good sign and since they were taking so long I sent my deposit to BU, especially since they offered me a $20,000 scholarship. Plus I really didn't feel like moving right now and wasn't very excited about going to Rutgers, and doubt they could match BU's offer anyway. It doesn't hurt that BU's average starting salary coming out is $125,000 which is the same as most of the top tens.

In terms of work I really do want to practice Public Interest law, since I really do love what I'm doing now. But before this job, when I was in school I really wanted to practice entertainment or sports law and once I'm in school that desire might come back.

jd2b, I have a question for you since you are at BU. Do they give any kind of computer loan? The salary I make now will not afford me that luxury and my current laptop is so old I know it will not support BU's software. I have already applied for my stafford max and private loan and know they limit what you can borrow to what the school says. Any thoughts?


Re: BU.....worth it??? or wait for NYU???
« Reply #6 on: May 11, 2004, 03:06:56 PM »
Hi mamamia,

I am also going to BU in the fall, coming from the public sector. I've heard the same things about the student body, but it's all been hearsay. Everyone I have talked to you, students or alumni, has LOVED it. I think teh rumors about BU may stem back to the days when each class was ~425 instead of ~270 as it is now. A friend of mine is a visiting faculty member there. He took me around the school and introduced me to a few professors and students. The faculty were great, and the students loved it, especially the clinics.

I'm a bit put off by the building myself, having seen some other schools with beautiful, new facilities. In fact, I had a very tough decision between BU and Cardozo, which had both given me equal-sized scholarships. Ultimately, I went with name recognition (and the I-don't-have-to-move factor).

Finally, I also asked about the computer loans. The law school will increase your student budget by $2500 only once in your three years to accomodate the purchase of a laptop/desktop. You have to buy it first and then submit the receipt. They will then deposit the funds from your loan balance. I think you have to make a special request to increase your budget, and for some reason, they recommend that you wait until after July 1 to purchase the computer. Anyway, just give Financial Aid a call!

Hope to see you in the fall!


Re: BU.....worth it??? or wait for NYU???
« Reply #7 on: May 12, 2004, 06:16:19 AM »
Thanks Timothy, that eases my mind a bit that I'll be able to get a new computer afterall, though if I really don't have the moeny how they expect me to buy it first is beyond me???

Also, since you said a friend took you around, did they show the gym? I heard from a former BU student who was there a few years ago that it sucked but the pictures online looks okay and I'm trying to decide whether to make it easier on myself financially by ending my Boston Sports Club membership in favor of their gym (since we're paying for it in feel anyway) but I don't want to do that if it's as crappy as I've heard.


Re: BU.....worth it??? or wait for NYU???
« Reply #8 on: May 12, 2004, 11:40:02 AM »
The gym is actually on Babcock Street, close to the Shaw's at Packard's Corner. I saw it once a few years ago and was not impressed. I have heard from others that it's no great shakes. They are building a new one, though, that should be ready for fall '05. My understanding from admissions people is that there is an extra fee to use the gym. I'll probably keep my BSC membership for the first year unless there is significant cost savings. The BSC on Newbury Street is on my way to and from school, anyway.

If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me! I'd like to meet some future classmates before school starts.

Cheers, Tim