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Volunteer Interns needed for launch of lexBlog


Volunteer Interns needed for launch of lexBlog
« on: April 13, 2004, 01:50:43 PM »
Sorry to the admin if I am posting to the wrong board or violating any rules on the boards by posting like this.

Have other paying employment and looking for ways to enhance resume or to work towards part-time employment? Doing virtual volunteer work for new Internet company in the business of helping lawyers help people could be the answer.

I am a lawyer of 22 plus years, 17 of which I practiced as a trial lawyer. In 1996 I began helping people with legal questions on the Internet. That lead to closing my law office and founding the largest virtual law community on the Internet now incorporated into Martindale-Hubbell's as its content and community.

I have now founded a new company, lexBlog. Along with a team of innovative programmers, developers and copy people we are designing, building and publishing content to blogs for lawyers. Our mission is to use the latest in technology to provide lawyers with a robust Internet presence that is focused on providing the public practical legal information as a way of marketing a lawyer's experience, passion and care. See our site to learn more, .

We could use students who may be interested in helping publish content to blogs and in effect creating online magazines/broadcast channels for leading lawyers around the country. I know it is a lot to ask a student to work part time for free but I think you would learn a lot and as we get geared up there is potential of part time paid work during school.

Though we are in Seattle, work could be done from anywhere. If you are interested drop me an email or give me a call.

- Kevin