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I'm attending McGeorge in the fall and would love to chat with others who are as well! 

I will be there as's it going?

Congrats!  where are you from?  do you know if you are going to try to live on campus?  i visited the campus last week and someone told me it is really hard to get housing there. 

I am originally from Santa Barbara, CA....Did my UG at Chico State, and am now at Colorado State in Ft collins, CO

I will not be living on campus because I am married and have a 6 year old child.
How did you like the campus? also, are you an evening student or day?

In regards to housing, I know I was offered priority on the housing waitlist because I got a Deans Scholarship. If you recieved some merit aid, you may want to call the director of housing and ask about this.



i like the campus a lot... i don't know if you have visited it or not.  i am going to be a day student and am from davis (about 15 minutes from sacramento).


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