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« Reply #30 on: June 15, 2004, 03:04:35 PM »

Just found this board.  I will be at Duquesne in the fall!  Im going to Pittsburgh on Monday to look at an apartment on SOuth Side...its about 20 mins away from the school, walking distance is nice.


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« Reply #31 on: June 15, 2004, 03:52:47 PM »
hey david

mind going through the usual info about yourself...
age, where ya from, why Duquesne etc...

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« Reply #32 on: June 16, 2004, 07:30:49 AM »
Hey guys!  I will be starting a Duquesne Law in the fall.  Coming from NYC. 

I just found an apartment on the Southside, walking distance to the school, I am pumped! 

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« Reply #33 on: June 16, 2004, 07:40:30 AM »
Hi David - Congrats on finding an apartment, I know what you are going through .... I was searching for one in the same area a month ago. It's a huge relief to finally find one. And besides... August will be here before you know it.

On another note... Has anyone received any info in the mail about registration, orientation, etc. at Duquesne? I called a few weeks ago and the administration person told me that it should be out the next week (from when I called). Just wondering.... ???

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« Reply #34 on: June 16, 2004, 08:53:27 AM »
I spoke to Joe yesturday, we should be getting all of that information next week. 

Anyway, Rob...about me...

I have been living in NYC for the past five years.  I am a Certified Public Accountant...I will do taxes in April for food..LOL. 

Why Duquesne..I used to commute to Pittsburgh for a client of mine..PNC bank.  I really liked the city, I thought it was small enough to be comfortable but large enough to live an urban life. It also seemed to have a rather large business environment.  I liked Duquesne's curriculum as well as its placement, it seemed to have a focus that was very appropriate to what I want to learn.  It seems the graduates do not have a problem finding great jobs.
I also look forward to it being a smaller school which hopefully will foster a cooperative environment for us and not a cut throat ultracompetitive environment.  It seems Pittsburgh is a somewhat underserved legal market.

Well thats the short answer!!!

I will be living on the SOuthside, I can walk to school and after living in NYC, I dont think the bars will be that enticing to me, nor will the noise really bug me...:) I will also be a block back from Carson street so it will be a little quieter.     

I'v noticed a lot of our classes are full year...we should have an interesting week or so in may with 4-5 comprehensive finals! Isnt that exciting... :P

I will be in Pittsburgh on Monday - Wednesday is anyone up for a drink!


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You might be able to answer this, any input about the local banks in Pittsburgh. Up in Boston I use fleet but will be in need a a new bank. From what I can find out citizens and PNC are the big ones in town, does anyone have any input as to which banks are better or worth a look? I am more interested in either free or cheap checking accounts with no fees for ATMs, checks etc...

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« Reply #36 on: June 16, 2004, 09:51:36 AM »
PNC Bank is a great bank in Pittsburgh.  They are forgiving on mistakes, have great customer service, and do not go out of their way to screw you. 

AVOID National City.  You will find people that have not had bad experiences with them, but these people are few and far between.  National City will try anything and everything to squeeze money out of you, including processing withdrawals before deposits, so your account will get overdrawn and fined.  THEY BLOW GOATS!

Did anyone receive their registration and course materials yet?

How many of yinz  ;) have secured ALL of their financial aid (specifically, I am asking about moneys beyond the fedral Pell and Stafford loans)?

Oh, and how late will you be in town on Wednesday?

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Laurel... where did you wind up getting an apartment?

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« Reply #38 on: June 16, 2004, 09:59:06 AM »
Your quess is as good as mine.  PNC was my client through their special financing arm and risk management...I know very little about retail banking.  Im going to go to PNC for my checking/savings...they are larger and Im sure i can pay bills and such online.  I use Citibank now and dont want to give them up but there are no Citi atms in Pittsburgh. 

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I will be out of Pittsburgh Wednesday afternoon....unfortunately but will be moved in around August 7th.  I noticed in your discussions of neighborhoods in squirrel hill you mentioned shul's..Im not observant, but I occasionally get a pastrami craving...are there any good kosher deli's in town?

Anyway...yeah I did all my Stafford Loans already and just submitted my law access to day.