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Has anyone else decided to attend to go to CWRU?  I did the two-in-one deposit plan and am locked in, so I wouldn't mind chatting with some future classmates... AOL IM is KenXC.

Hi KenXC,
I'm trying to decide between Case and Baylor.  Both offered money.  Baylor's got connections to specific places I want to go but emphasizes courtroom skill more than I care for.  Case has established programs in international, healthcare, and intellectual property law (all of which I'm interested in) but doesn't get me as close to my goals.  I'm thinking hard.

I just sent my dep. in last wed.

I'm going. Already have housing, so that's out of the way...
What's everyone thinking about financial aid? I was told to wait while
their "computer systems were updated."

Anyone hear any different?

Would anyone care to share their feedback on Case Western thus far?  I am in the middle of the application process and am seriously considering the school.  Thanks in advance..



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