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I'm stuck on Cornell's LLM waitlist...

Does anyone have a clue about my chances to get in after the wait? ;)

Hi there , I am also on the waiting list of Cornells LLM progm.I ve been told the chance is quite good , but there is no ranking system for the wait list , hence u just need to get lucky I guess . Rather let me als know when u get a reply . send me a post directly on my email add .
I wil keep u posted if I hear something .

te loren:
hang in there. usually, those who apply to cornell apply to other schools, too. chances are if they get admitted to other schools to which they decide to go, then slots get freed.i'm an LLM at another Ivy law school so i get to hear all these anecdotal tales. good luck.

Thank you loren for writing in . I am feeling more confident now . I also wanted to ask somone already doing LLm , as to how difficult it is to pass the degree . I ve never felt so silly in my life ,but am getting cold feet thinking of attending LLM classes at Cornell . The level of competence sure must be hell difficult .
Any peice of advice on that .

te loren:
I believe it depends on a lot of circumstances-the kind of law you want to specialize in, your previous experience if you have worked before, your country's legal system if you are a foreigner and definitely, you command of the english language and knowledge and appreciation for the American culture and lifestyle. I hear Cornell grades are not very generously given as opposed to say, Harvard; and the Cornell graduate law program is smaller than most of the other leading law schools, so that might be a factor, too. Smaller classes tend to be better; they give you a more personal interraction with the people in the class.where else did you apply to? NYU is easy to get into, i think. and the other schools in Wash. DC.
good luck.


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