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Who's attending and when-- to go I'd have to miss some class, is it worth it?

I demand reply.

Hey.  I'm a 6th qtr, and I don't know if Admitted Students' Day has passed yet, but here's the rundown.  The day is basically a tour of the school and a handshaker with a few of the faculty members.  You get to sit in on a class, and they'll feed you.  I went (way back when) because I thought it was required, and looking back, it's probably a waste of time if you have something better to do, unless you are really unsure about Baylor as a choice of law school.  The real the purpose of the day is to try to persuade the better potential students to choose Baylor over other close schools like SMU or even UT.  If you havenít seen the law school, itís a nice tour of a nice building.  If you are weighing Baylor against some other school(s), the closer look is probably worth the time.  But, if you know youíre going to Baylor, and you have better things to do that day, donít bother.       


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