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Is anyone accepted/planning on going to Quinnipiac in the Fall? Im 99% sure I'll be there - just wondering if anyone else has made up their mind yet?


I am most likely going.  They've given me a good deal of money and with my wife now well esablished working at Yale, moving to Detroit and going to Wayne State is probably not practical.

Di you go to the admitted students open house?   

I didn't go to the admitted students thing. I had been down there once before, and have seen the school. Which is very nice. On top of that my old college roommate is a 1L there now, and moving back in with him would save me a good deal of money. They offered me money too, although I am working with the dean to see if they can give me more. Not that I don't appreciate what they gave me, just that my old roommate (last year) had a LSAT of one point higher and a GPA of .1 lower than me, and got $5K more than me. I think we'll be able to work something out. What did I miss at the admitted students thing? Was it much more than a tour of the law center? Let me know!


If you've visited before, you really didn' miss anything at the admitted students open house.  The prgram didn't differ all that much from the general open house I attended about a year ago. 

But on the whole Quinnipiac is quite nice.  I'm sure I won't have a problem with it once I get there.  A good friend of mine is a 3L an dfinishing up, she's had a pretty good time there.  She has had great things to say about the faculty.

Do you mind if I ask what course of action you've taken to negoitiate for more money.  They have been reasonably generous, but the tution keeps going up, and I'm not quite sure how to approach them in the polite, yet firm manner to convince them to open the wallet a bit more.

Just looked at that last post.  Awful typing - please excuse my lack of coordination.


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