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Who's heard so far?  Numbers?  Scholarships?  Are you going?

I'm still waiting, 3.2/167.  And, I was not selected as a finalist for the Honors Scholars program, to my GREAT dismay.

Ok, I got in yesterday with $15,000 (half-tuition).  I'm glad to see so many others care about this school.

i'm in with a $15K scholarship....

I talked with a asst. dean, who admitted they give out scholarships that mandate you stay in the top 25% of the class to more than 25% of the class.  which is bunk.

also, on another discussion board, an honors scholar candidate said that he had a similar conversation with a school rep who stated that number is 40%.  which is completely insane.  they give scholarships to 40% of a class and ask that 40% to stay in the top 25%.  which means 15% of the class is losing a scholarship that amounts to over half the tuition. 

i think that's just straight out sketchy, and it's the main reason i am no longer interested in going there. 

also, if you're seriously interested in going there, know that kent's attrition rates for 1st and second years are unusually high.  10.2% and 12.7% respectively.  think that has anything to do with the scholarship funny business?  i do.

Wow, I didn't know those figures, sweetjane, thank you for letting me (and "us") know!  I'm going to investigate further...

Ha. I'm a 3.96/171 and I didn't get invited to the honor's thing. Don't take it too hard. My philosophy is if a school is such a bad judge of quality that it won't recognize you at the outset... forget about even going there.


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