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Who's in at SD for 2004?  I got in after being complete for 28 days with a 3.2/167.  Has anyone heard anything about merit $$ yet?

And, on 13 March, I got my scholarship letter for $15,000 - but it's non-renewable.

Louder Than Bombs:
I'm also in @ USD, but I doubt I'll go. We'll see. Just got my acceptance maybe a week or so ago, but no mention of merit $ yet. I am from NYC, and have never been to California, so I don't think I'll leave to go to USD unless I am offered a very substantial scholarship. Even then, I probably won't go.


I just got in.  Short of getting of the waitlist at WashU, Im pretty sure that is where I will end up.

I applied to san diego in november and still haven't heard from them!  Does anyone know if this is bad???!!!


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