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I'm thinking about xfering next semester (fall '04) from Florida Coastal.  I have a 3.0 (24th percentile).  Did poorly on the LSATs (147 avg of two scores).  I would like to make a move up and probably would not make a side move. 

Did you xfer?  Where to?  What were your numbers?  Any Advice?

Many thanks!

I'm thinking about a transfer this fall as well. I'm at SMU right now, and was fortunate enough to end the fall semester with a 3.9 GPA. I guess I have a couple of questions for anyone knowledgeable:

1) Would I be better off staying at a low 1st / high 2nd tier school and joining the law review, or transfering to a top school?

2) Do I have a realistic chance of getting into, say, Penn, Columbia or -- dare I say -- Yale, if I am able to repeat my 1st semester performance?

My LSAT was reasonable (164)

Thanks in advance

Hey Pope, congratulations on the 3.9.  Do you know what your percentile rank is?  From what I hear, that's what's most important when xfering.

PS. How did you study?  Any hints for la bourgeoisie?

With your numbers you should be able to transfer to a top school.  I went from a 4th tier to a top 5 and my LSAT was similar to yours.  I also had a 3.9 GPA and ranked No. 1 in my section and No. 2 in the school.  I also think my recommendations were excellent and my essay "inspiring" according to some who read it.  Whatever it was, I got in, and you probably can too.  Wish you the best.


How is it going from a 4th tier to a top five?  Are you happy with the switch? 


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