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Denver , Seattle, Syracuse, Marquette, Michigan DSL, Vermont, Maine, etc.

i was wondering if anyone was a current student at any of the following schools.  These are the schools that I applied to, and I wanted to know how the students who go there feel.  How is your library, class size, faculty, facilities?  Do you live on campus, or do you commute?  what is the campus like?  what is the area like?   Is there anything you feel that I should know that may influence my decision to go there?  anything you could tell me will be great. If you do not go to taht school, but know something that think may help me, please let me know.  It's one thing seeing a pretty brochure and seeing the school ranked on a list.  It's another thing to hear about the school from the people who know the best: the students. So here's where i applied:

Denver law school, Seattle law school, Syracuse Law School, Marquette Law School, Michigan DSL, Vermont Law School, Maine Law School, Catholic University of America, john marshall, University of North Dakota, and the University of Wyoming.

and on a final note, i am now extremely poor because of the application fees :-D 

thanks for your help!  ;D

out of all 66 ppl who have viewed this, no one knows anything? :(

Re: Denver , Seattle, Syracuse, Marquette, Michigan DSL, Vermont, Maine, etc.
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maybe you need a different approach. you're throwing alot of questions out about alot of schools, most people probably skim and move on. i'd suggest contacting each school's admin office and asking for them to put you in contact with students who'd be willing to talk to you. never rely on info from an anonymous board - you could get some joker that's like, yeah, sure, i go to maine, and its AWESOME.