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I'm going to be attending UVA Law next year and just thought it would be nice for there to be at least one message on the board for UVA. Represent...

If you're reading this, write back and say hi. Let me know the digs on Charlottesville, as I hope to move there in a few weeks and live there until school starts.
Also, if you have taken any courses, I'd appreciate if you took a moment to write your opinion about the professor and the subject.

Until August.

good luck to you.

I'm also going to UVA (probably). So tell me what do u know about the school and city? Cause i dont know squat.

Walter Sobchek:
I'll be attending UVA in the fall also.  I found a roommate on the board and we got a place in Ivy Gardens which I hear is where about half of the 1L's live.  Its about a 5-10 min. walk from the law school.  I've been down to Charlottesville a couple times, its really nice.  From talking with the students, it seemed like UVA had one of the most laid back atmospheres of the top tens.  Most people get great offers coming out of school and a lot of the pressure to beat everyone out is simply not there.  My brother-in-law's father is a Law Prof at another school and he said that he would definetely go to UVA over the New York schools just because it gives you a lot more national recruitment options coming out.  That was reason enough for me.  Plus, if you're in-state, it does save you a good amount of money.

Good luck to everyone on this board, see you all in the fall.

I heard UVA sucks.  Don't listed to Walter, he is loco.  He hasn't been accepted anywhere yet so he has to come to these boards and make stuff up.

Just Kidding

Grats to all the UVA'ers!


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