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We'll I'm not in at McGeorge based on mediocre scores and a late application I'd guess.  However, I'm approaching it in a logical manner (updating my packet, showing interest, etc ...). However, I was wondering if anyone knew when their deposit deadline was?  That might give me an idea of when to expect a "ray of hope".

Their second deadline is early July.

Thanks Brent!  I found out the same information when I contacted them (McGeorge) discretely to re-affirm interest and get an update.  I'll keep my fingers crossed until then.

First Year:
Mature - I'm a first year at McGeorge, but when I first applied I was on the waitlist too. They called me around June and asked me if I wanted to be considered for the evening program, but since I'd already been accepted to a couple of other law schools (in 3rd and 4th tier) and I didn't want to go to school part time in the evening program, I told them no, but explained how I was still very interested in the day program. Well, at the beginning of July I received a letter and a call saying that I'd been offically accepted. When I visited McGeorge, the tour guide gave me a tip, that I should ask about scholarships because most schools have an average (LSAT and GPA) that qualifies you for scholarships. Each year the callibur of students accepted goes up, but the averages are set before they know how high their accepted students will be, so even my waitlisted self had high enough stats to qualify. So, I emailed admissions and wrote them letters asking them about scholarship opportunities. It turns out that some people are offered scholarships but end up deciding not to go to law school, or choose a different school instead. I had been offered some scholarships from other law schools and sent in those letters as well. Next thing you know I was given a small but definitely worthwile scholarship. So, the point of this isnt to torture admissions with tons of emails or get your hopes up too high but to encourage you to keep the faith. Scholarship money is out there and someone has to get it, so why not you. I've learned from that experience that sometimes you just have to ask for something if you want it or need it badly enough. Good luck with the waitlist. Take it from someone who was there, there's always hope :)

hi, first year
Could you tell me more about the on-campus housing in Mcgeorge? Is it quiet place to study and live? How many days do you have classes a week? Thank you.


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