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Hello! I don't even know if anyone will be reading this - but since I'll be going to the U of MN Law School from this fall, I thought I'd just write a message to say hello! =)

Wow - I wrote that message almost 2 years ago, so I was surprised to get a reply now! :)

Now, I'm a 2L at the U.

I did go to the U for undergrad - poli sci major.

Are you a law student at the U?

LOL, any place that is small enough so that A 'u' is 'THE' u....  frightens me!

flee flee!


    I intend to apply to LS next year and Minnesota LS is one of my top three choices. I wanted to get your opinion on the overall school's ability to prepare students for their careers as well as the type of firms that recruit there, if you know what regions of the country attend that would be great. Also, I am minority applicant, Hispanic, and I was wondering as to your opinions regarding U of M student's acceptance of minorities.


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