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I will be attending Hastings in the fall.  I plan on living in the tower, but I haven't heard anything from the housing dept. regarding my status.  Anyways, is the gym in the Tower adequate?  Does it have free weights and machines?  Is there a variety of cardiovascular fitness machines?  Also, do you recommend the Tower as a housing option?

I looked into the gym a couple of times when I visited.  There seems to be plenty of cardio type machines.  Don't remember seeing free weights.  The gym is a bit smelly.

The gym is quite small because it has been moved due to construction being done at the tower. Even so, the facilities are poor to begin with.

I as well will be attending in the fall but I have but ruled out living in the tower and its too late to apply anyhow. Instead, I'll be looking for a studio within the next month.

I didn't even notice those postings were from a year ago. Oh well, hopefully some other Hastings 07' people will join me here.


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