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« on: July 02, 2003, 08:49:20 AM »
This board is for students, not professors, but I hate to have a big fat zero sitting here.  So, for those interested in what is going on at Moritz College of Law, here are a few tidbits:

1.  We have hired six new faculty professors, beginning this fall.  They are all great.  (a) Professor Ellen Deason, who comes to OSU from Minnesota, is a national scholar in the field of alternative dispute resolution; (b) Professor Larry Garvin, who comes to OSU from Florida State, is a major scholar in the contracts field; (c) Professor Dale Oesterle, who geld a chaired professorship at the University of Colorado, will join us as the first holder of the J. Gilbert Reese Chair, is a major corporate scholar; (d) Professor Peter Shane, formerly the Dean at University of Pittsburgh and more recently at Carnegie Mellon University, and nationally recognized scholar in governmental and administrative law, joins the faculty and will also serve as the new Director of our Center for Law, Policy, and Social Science; (e) Ric Simmons, recently teaching at NYU, and a published scholar in the criminal procedurefield, joins the faculty and the Moritz criminal law clinic; and (f) Daniel Tokaji, who worked for the ACLU in Los Angeles, and published constitutional law scholar, will teach constitutional law and other courses.

2.  In the last three years, Moritz College of Law has hired a dozen new faculty, considerably enlarging the faculty, and bringing on both nationally recognized academics with a record of excellent teaching skills and younger teachers with exciting futures.

3.  Beginning this fall, the law school will begin publishing the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, which is managed by two members of the faculty, and which the law schools hopes and expects will become one of the most recognized law school journals in the country.