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Ok, so I'm a EE major graduating here at Illinois, and I'm trying to choose between BU and WashU, as well as some other schools I haven't heard from yet. As you could probably expect, I'm on the IP route.

How difficult will it be for me to get a job for my 1L summer?

Assuming I take out the $130K in loans, is the law degree worth it? I figure it's hard to get into law school now, the market will be bloated in 3 years as well.

What are BU students like? Professors? Anything beyond the standard "great professors, easygoing students" that is always stated?

Any other advice would be appreciated, thanks.

Finding a summer job as a 1L is definitly not easy.  I found out today that the place I worked at last summer (a legal services center) is already wait-listing people (btw - they don't pay).  A lot of people work as research assistants for faculty, but they don't get paid much.

With regard to demand for patent attorneys, the impression that I get is that you can land a job at a big firm your second summer as long as you're above average in your class (as opposed to the rest of us without a science or engineering degree - it seems about 20% got big firm jobs).

I think it's especially hard to get into law school right now, but I wouldn't expect the sour economy to remain bad for 3+ years.  It shouldn't be AS competitive in future years.

I don't know what I would say about BU students in general.  There are all kinds of people and nothing that stands out as being abnormal (for law students).  For the most part people are friendly, helpful, and quiet about grades and jobs (sometimes annoyingly so - I don't think it's inappropriate to ask "how'd the interview go?" but others disagree).

The professors have mixed personalities.  Some entertain (sing in class, act strangely to the point where it becomes funny), some give students a tough time, some are clear about the law, some prefer to talk about the policy implications of decisions.  All are brilliant.  Most explain / teach very well.

The building is ugly.  The elevators don't work well.  The 1L classrooms are very nice.  Other classrooms are older.  There is a wireless network, great views, and good location (relative to places you might want to go in boston: downtown, allston, back bay, etc.)

What else do you want to know?

Well, what happens to those in the bottom half of the class? I mean, I figure I have at least a 50/50 shot at that, so might as well prepare for the possibility.

Additionally, one thing that was appealing about BU was that it seemed to have stronger national placement than its peers (Illinois, WashU, UWash, Fordham, etc). Any truth to that, or is it pretty much east coast without connections elsewhere?

What about living in Boston? I've never been there, so I really don't have a clue, other than a fear that it's so expensive I'll be living in a closet eating Ramen for 3 years.

Thanks for the info.

bu 1l:
if youre planning on being in the bottom half of the class, dont come. seriously. not just to bu, but to law school at all. unless maybe you just like to learn, thats cool i guess.

actually, unless youre pretty abnormal, i wouldnt recommend law skool for anyone. takes a special breed. and not necessarily a good one. it takes a lot of mental stamina to soak in all the good learning *&^% they give you - - and not become one of "them"... these tool-ass arrogant law school whiny fuckers. 75% of people here are punks. but thats not bu, thats law school in general.

the profs are great though.

My opinion of BU as a 2002 graduate...

The clinical programs are outstanding.  The teachers are very good for the most part.  But here's the kicker...

The career development office is abysmal.  If you are in the top 25% of the class and want to work at a big firm in NYC or Boston, the career office will help.  Otherwise, you are on your own.  I am trying to get a job in SoCal and I have been unemployed since graduating in May of last year.  Unfortunately, I am not alone.  Only about 1/2 of last year's grad class had jobs at graduation, and I know of many like me who are still unemployed even now.  Academically, I was right at about the median point, fyi.


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