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1L Happy Hour 2003?


I'm not sure how socialable the new 1Ls are but I wanted to recommend organizing another 1L Happy Hour before Orientation.  Of course, this would be totally informal -- people could come and go as they please.  

Last year, we had it at a local bar on a Wednesday night (when it was relatively less crowded than Thursdays or Fridays), and it worked out really well.  

After about a month of school, you'll quickly find that the opportunities to really get to know your classmates outside of your section are limited.  So take advantage of all of this *free time* before classes begin in earnest and try to meet as many people as you can.

Good luck.

David Segraves:
Do you have any suggestions as far as which bars would be good for this use? I'm guessing there are traditional BU Law hangouts. Am I right?

I'm copying and pasting a couple of posts fromm last year...  the descriptions are not my own but are fairly accurate.

Bars near BU (roughly closest to farthest from school): The Dugout (our School Bar), Audobon (sexy city style), P.J. Kilroy's (tatoos and broken bottles of Pabst), An Tua Nua (your standard Irish hip-hop venue), O'Leary's (elderly people enjoying folk music), the BU Pub (not a summer place), Cornwall's (English pub in an Irish towne), Boston Beer Works (brewed on location), Cask and Flagan (go Sox!), Copperfield's (smells funny), T's Pub (big screen tv)

If you want to venture a little further into the downtown area towards Bolyston Street or Faniuel Hall...  There's Tia's on the waterfront (more of a preppy financial district after-work hangout), The Living Room (also on the waterfront, nice bar with comfy couches), Pravda (a black pants lounge/bar/club, which is a little more European) or The Place (a rowdy but fun bar).  

Finally, we held last year's Happy Hour at Great Scotts -- a come-as-you-are bar with $1 drafts every Wednesday.  They have live bands most nights (I think) so it's best to get there early to avoid the cover charge and while it's still quiet enough to hold a conversation.

One other thing, the Fenway bars are great but probably should be avoided when the Sox are playing in town because they'll be very, very crowded.

Good luck.

Matt has taken it upon himself to pick a place.

Boston Beer Works 61 Brookline Avenue, Boston, MA

When:  Saturday, August 16, 5:00pm

Here's the text of his "evite"

- Why Boston Beer Works? The result of a careful study of the relative merits of the 500+ places we could go? NO! It was just the first nearby place that sounded good to me. You got a better idea? Great! Mail me, and we can make changes.
- Why Saturday? Just figured most people would be in town by then, and the Sox aren't, so it should be a little less crowded.
- Who died and left me in charge? NO ONE! :) Just seemed like we needed to get things organized, or we weren't going to have a chance (or maybe everyone else already has a happy hour planned and no one invited me - Damn you all!)
- How will we know who's who? Oh, we'll know. If all else fails, look for the nerdiest-looking guy in the bar w/ a pint of Guinness and a glazed look, and that will likely be me.
- Is this somehow officially associated with BUSL? Hint - Their events seem a lot better organized, don't they?


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