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The official BUSL OCI thread
« on: August 08, 2003, 07:54:05 AM »
I know there is a section on this site for the 2L job search, but people don't appear to use it much, so I'll post my blah blah here instead...

I've heard some rumors about a certain Boston firm (Testa) that may go belly-up in the near future (the rumor specified this fall). I also heard last year about students who were extended offers only to have them revoked due to economic conditions, and firms that knew they were in trouble but kept hiring to keep up appearances only to promptly lay the new people off. There were also a number of closures and mergers that resulted in "turmoil" last year (I'm thinking of Hill and Barlow, specifically). Is there a way to find out about the overall financial health of a firm before accepting an offer to summer there? Is there a tactful way to ask about this in interviews, esp. the screening interview?

For any 3Ls who have gone through this before: what factors were determinitive in 2Ls finding firm jobs last year? Did it come down to grades/journal membership? Or was that only good enough to get interviews, but not jobs? To what extent did firms outside of Boston actually hire BU students who attended jobs fairs? Are the job fairs legit., or are they just a way for firms to say they interviewed at X number of schools, without going through the hassle of participating in on campus programs?

Any comments on firms that last years 2Ls worked for would also be very helpful.