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Pencil 'n Paper:
I've heard that a lot of students take notes on their laptops in class.  Can I get by without having a laptop during my first year?  I've never taken notes on a laptop before and felt like a notebook and pen served me well in college, so why bother.  

What do people think?  Arrogant folks need not reply.

Do what is comfortable for you.  There are plenty of people use pen and paper and do fine- well better then fine even.  

Hope that helps!

I found it extremely useful to take notes on my laptop for several reasons: legibility, speed (I type much faster than I write... and I found it vital to take copious notes just in case I missed something), and it makes it much easier to write your outlines (you can cut and paste from your class notes).

Laptops, without wireless cards, are invaluable.  It becomes so so so much easier when you're studying for exams and can just hit control + f and find the notes you're looking for to make an outline.

but, if you get that wireless card and give yourself internet access while in the law school building, you probably should be far more disciplined than most, or else, well, lots of distractions ensue.

Only about half the class used laptops.  Some started with laptops and decided they liked notebooks better and vice versa.  
Personally, I really liked using the laptop.

Wireless cards - downside is, you spend all your time chatting during class.  Upside is, when you get called on, everyone else can feed you the answers.


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