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I wasn't planning on attending Law preview, but I was checking out their web site and saw that three of the professors on the Boston Law Preview staff are in fact BU profs. Maclin, Lawson and Farnsworth, and all three are 1L professors.

Is anyone registered for the preview or still considering it? I'm
not even sure if there are spaces available, but I am thinking of calling tomorrow to find out.

And if anyone thinks that it's a total waste of time please don't hesitate in telling me so...

Save your time and MONEY...

Instead, if you feel like shelling out some dough, I'd spring for the audio tapes from LEEWS...

Worth every penny,
-Rising 2L

TheyCallMeTopTenPerCentum?!?! That's the dumbest name I have ever heard.

I kindof like it... he's top 10%, and he's mad about safron. I hear safron's mad about him too...  ;)

You're already paying dearly for those professors (though you'll probably only get one of the three).  You might as well just wait.


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