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1L books for sale


1L books for sale
« on: July 31, 2003, 06:01:36 PM »
I have some used 1L books for sale.  I have one each of the following books.  Please make sure you are buying the right book in the right edition for the right class.  If you are interested in a book email me at

These books (#s 1-5) are $35.00 each.

1.  Criminal Law Cases and Materials (Kaplan Weisberg Binder 4th edition)
2.  Property (Dukeminier Krier 4th edition)
3.  Civil Procedure: A Modern Approach (Marcus Redish Sherman 3rd edition)
4.  Constitutional Law (Sullivan Gunther 14th edition)
5.  Contracts Cases and Doctrine (Barnett 2nd edition)

These books 7-9 are $15.00 each
7.  Perspectives on Contract Law (Barnett 2nd edition)
8.  Understanding Criminal Law (Dressler 3rd edition)
9.  Clear and Effective Legal Writing (Charrow Erdhart 3rd edition)


Re: 1L books for sale
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Con Law book is sold and no longer available


Re: 1L books for sale
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Civ Pro is sold and no longer available.