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1L books for sale


I have some used 1L books for sale.  I have one each of the following books.  Please make sure you are buying the right book in the right edition for the right class.  If you are interested in a book email me at

These books (#s 1-5) are $35.00 each.

1.  Criminal Law Cases and Materials (Kaplan Weisberg Binder 4th edition)
2.  Property (Dukeminier Krier 4th edition)
3.  Civil Procedure: A Modern Approach (Marcus Redish Sherman 3rd edition)
4.  Constitutional Law (Sullivan Gunther 14th edition)
5.  Contracts Cases and Doctrine (Barnett 2nd edition)

These books 7-9 are $15.00 each
7.  Perspectives on Contract Law (Barnett 2nd edition)
8.  Understanding Criminal Law (Dressler 3rd edition)
9.  Clear and Effective Legal Writing (Charrow Erdhart 3rd edition)

Con Law book is sold and no longer available

Civ Pro is sold and no longer available.


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