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03/04 ILJ, Law-Med, PILJ lists


Since we got the lists for the other journals, maybe someone else could post the lists for ILJ, LawMed and PILJ lists?

While we're at it, could someone post a list of all of the students in the Class of 2005?  That would be really, really helpful.  Thanks bunches!


Laura Barrese
Alison Bornstein
Sarah Bruson
Steven Couch
Elizabeth Downey
Michael Gates
Adam Gopin
Alex Gorman
Peter Hahn
Cynthia Hammond
Ariana Johnson
Jennifer Kirshenbaum
Julie Lorenzen
Allan MacLean
Katherine McFarland
Paul Mistovich
Jessica Pancoast
Spring Potoczak
Julie Rivera
Pamela Sawhney
J. Adrienne Sorg
Lisa Thompson
Susannah Vale
Jennifer Wisnia


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