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Low-down on first year profs

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I'm looking for information/opinions (a little more candid and real than BU's "Faculty Profiles") about the following professors of whom I will be having class with first semester:

Pettit - Contracts
Lawrence - Civ Pro
Barnett - Torts
Leonard - Crim Law

Any and all info/advice/opinions is greatly appreciated!!

You'll be getting the low-down on your section's professors from 2L students at the section panels during orientation.  I believe it's scheduled for later in the afternoon.

I see by your list that they've shuffled section professors around again.  I had Pettit for Contracts and Lawrence for Criminal Law.  They're both PHENOMENAL, so congratulations for getting to have them the entire year.  You'll be the envy of other sections.  You'll see what I mean once the school year starts.  Their classes were entertaining, funny, fresh, challenging, and everything you'd want out of law school.

Again, you'll get more details when you start orientation this week.  For Barnett, learn to enjoy his favorite topic (himself).  Don't know much about Leonard, but my friends who had him last year really liked him a lot.  He's one of the younger BU law profs.

I have...

Torts - Baxter
Crim - Leonard
Contracts - Pettit
Civ Pro - Lawrence

Sec B2...  Any word on Baxter?

I agree with everything that 2Lwelcomer said except I would quibble with his/her statement that you'd be the "envy of other sections."  Don't misunderstand me, I've heard great things about those professors but I wouldn't have traded my set of first-year professors for any of the others (well, maybe except for one or two).  Personally, I found it quite difficult to compare my experiences with other classmates from different sections because each section is assigned to a unique mix of BUSL faculty and hence, each section really benefits from a unique academic experience.  However, you'll likely find one early benchmark for comparison... and that's at the bookstore cash register.  Section C's books last year were SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than the other sections' books.  Of course, unless Section C gets the same set of professors as last year's Section C (unlikely), these cost-savings will probably not hold true for this year.

I don't get it? We don't get our section assignment until registration right? How come it's already up.


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