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Phillip R. Furgason:
I know that St. Thomas in FL will accept JDs earned through distance learning into their LLM program.  Does anyone know any other ABA law schools that will accept applicants with a DL JD?  St. Thomas is a great school but their LLM is very expensive.

Phill F.

I have talked to several programs and, yes St. Thomas will accept a DL JD for either of their LLM programs (online taxation and in-residence intercultural human rights).  Regent's online taxation LLM (now defunct) and Temple's Trial Advocacy LLM would accept a DL JD only after passing the bar.  Temple; however, will only accept students into the program that have been in practice for some time since the program is geared towards honing trial practice skills, so some measure of practice is expected, but they will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis.  Based on these communications, it appears that the bar exam is the great equalizer in considering a DL JD.  Acceptance otherwise is generally done on a case-by-case basis with evaluation of transcripts and writing samples.  All of them I have seen are expensive, $20K is pretty average.  


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