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Phillip R. Furgason:
I am recommending a study material swap (basically tapes).  If there is anyone interested please contact me or answer this post.

Also, I was able to buy my text books for between $5.00 and $10.00 by going to a law school and looking on the bulletin  board.  I purchased PMBR tapes on property, Con Law, Torts, Crim Law and Corporations for $60.00 by posting on another chat board.  Now I am looking for Flemings Essay Exam books.



Thanks for the tip on finding cheap books.  My school also sells books through our Student Bar Association.  It might be worth checking local law schools for similar finds.  I've also had success on (both buying and selling). is a good site too, but I've never actually used their service.

I have had good luck with the used book section of Amazon. Several of my classmates have also had good luck with e-bay and

Another great way to get study material free is by using points earned using Westlaw.  I just used my points to buy a Hornbook that would have cost me around $60 at the bookstore.  It took a whole semester to earn the points but all I had to do was use Westlaw a few timea a week. Which most of us probably do anyway.



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