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Phillip R. Furgason:
For those interested in taking the California bar are you using any of the Flemings products?  If you are do you like them over Emanuel or Gilberts ?  I am going to purchase the exam books but am interested in learning more about the tapes before flopping down $65 to $130 per class.

Phill F.

I'm using Fleming's tapes now to prepare for the Baby Bar and have found them extremely helpful. Fleming has been preparing students to take and pass the BB and GBX for 18 years. Unlike the Sum & Substance or Gilbert's tapes (which I also use and like), Fleming's job is to prepare you to pass California-- period. He has analyzed the last 18 years of BB and GBX exams and knows them inside out. Plus, he is a great prof. and really knows how to teach examsmanship as well as what Black Letter you need to pass the exams.

In sum, I highly recommend the Fleming tapes. I'd have to say they are my #1 study aid.

Good luck.



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