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Skadden Summer f*ck up


Skadden Summer f*ck up
« on: June 12, 2003, 12:06:19 PM »
This email has been forwarded around for about ten days now.  Apparently, a Skadden Summer Ass(ociate) sent an email to the entire Corporate group instead of just his friend.  Here's what he wrote (apology at the end...)

Congrats on the CFA. I'm sure you're about to make VP any day now. I'm busy doing jack *&^%. Went to a nice 2hr sushi  lunch today at Sushi Zen.  Nice place. Spent the rest of the day typing emails and bullshitting with people. Unfortunately, I actually have work to do--I'm on some corp finance deal, under the global head of corp finance, which means I should really peruse these materials and not be a fuckup...

So yeah, Corporate Love hasn't worn off yet... But just give me time..

----------the apology-------

I am writing you in regard to an e-mail you received from me earlier today. As I am aware that you opened the message, you probably saw that it was a personal communication that was inadvertently forwarded to the underwriting mailing list. Before it was retracted, it was received by approximately 40 people inside the Firm, about half of whom are partners.

I am thorougly and utterly ashamed and embarassed not only by my behavior, but by the implicit reflection such behavior could have on the Firm.

The addressing of the e-mail was obviously an honest mistake. The content of the e-mail was inappropriate, showed a total lack of discretion, responsibility and judgment, and undoubtedly did my reputation and my future here no favors. It showed disregard for the Firm's policies and procedures
and for the very explicit speech that all summer associates were given about personal responsibility and using good judgment at the start of their training.

The appropriate parties, including Hiring Partner Howard Ellin and Hiring Director Carol Sprague, are aware of the incident and working with me to deal with it appropriately.

Although I cannot change what you and the other recipients saw, I do reiterate my sincerest apologies. I do and will take full responsibility for my actions in this incident, and I will do everything I possibly can to correct my mistakes and, more importantly, ensure that this and things like it will not happen again.

With sincere regret,