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NYU v. Columbia


If given a chance to transfer as a 2L into NYU or Columbia, which one would you pick and why?  Of course, either school is great, but if I'm lucky I may have to choose in the next two weeks and don't know how to pick.  NYU alumni tell me to go there and so do Columbia alumni.  so I really need some neutral opinions.  Thanks.

I'm going to NYU this year.  Reasons:  from what I understand, NYU is less conservative, and more focused on international law and public service.  Columbia is more focused on business stuff.  But of course both schools have comprehensive, excellent programs.  I highly suggest visiting them if at all possible and talking to real-live students, checking out which atmosphere you feel most comfortable in.  Make sure that the alumni network is strong in areas you've got an interest in.  Also, I've sometimes heard NYU described as a somewhat newly awesome school, that's at least sticking around for a while and possibly on its way up.  I certainly like thier philosophy that any/all law can and should be thought of in a world context, not just within one's own country, especially given increasing (for better or worse) globalization.

Will be entering as a 1L, though.  Maybe the admissions offices can put you in contact with recent transfer students?  Ease of transition might be an issue they alone could discuss...


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