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Does anyone have a copy of the latest edition of Understanding Criminal Procedure by Dressler they'd like to sell?  If so, please email me at  Thanks.

Great choice of books.   ;)

Any chance of being comped a copy from the Professor himself?

Yeah, don't you wish.  Not only do I not have any spare copies to send anyone, but I can imagine the requests I might get if anyone learned I had sent one student a freebie.  Sorry.  (It is little consolation, but the royalties I get on a single copy is 9 cents or so, so I am not being cheap, just practical.)

M. Lee:
Hi guys,
I am taking crim pro right now.  I'm using the Examples and Explanations supplement, it's okay (not great) but I am still confused on some issues.  Since I'm already using this supplement, is the Understanding Crim Pro book THAT great?  Meaning, is it much better than the Examples and Explanations Crim Pro?


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