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Canadian studying part-time in US ... Question about working.


I've read quite a few posting about Canadians going to the US to study and all the stuff about work visas. I understand that a Canadian studying law in a US law school can work fulltime during 1L/2L summers. What options does an international student have in a PT program such as GWU/GULC?

Does the student visa ONLY allow you to work in the summers?

Are you allowed to work (off campus) full-time while studying part-time throughout the year?

Is the US student visa processes and rules the same if you are studying PT vs FT?


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Re: Canadian studying part-time in US ... Question about working.
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The terms of an F-1 visa allow students to work only ON CAMPUS during their first year of study, and for no more than 20 hrs/week during the school year.  After that, they can work in any job (this would include the first summer) SO LONG as that job is related to their course of study.  (i.e. you can't be a waiter off campus if you are studying law; you can, however, be a waiter on campus).  During the summer, an F-1 student can work up to 40/hrs per week.

Keep in mind, however, immigration laws require that your would-be employer file papers with the USCIS (formerly the INS or BCIS).  This may make it difficult for you to get a paying job, because no body likes to have to do paperwork when there are plenty of people who could do the job without extra paperwork.

These are the rules for full time students.

Check out the following link for more details...

Also, remember that in order to get your Student Visa approved, you will need to show proof of funds for at least 1 year of the full student budget (tuition + COA).  Also, you cannot apply for a student visa until you have been accepted by and have committed to attend a specific school.

This link below may be helpful...;topicseen#msg524749