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6 WLs at tier 1 schools you think one will eventually take me??

Does anyone know whether or not Duke, Cornell, or GW have been accepting people from the wait list?

Penn waitlists have begun moving - just got a call this afternoon. Now down to 3 (fearing I'm going to lose my membership card in the 'many waitlist' group)

Good luck! Please share any info / good news!

4 WLs here. Movement on UVa's WL a week ago (unfortunately not for me). GW- don't expect anything to happen until mid-to-late June (letter from dean Richard). Hastings- expected movement in the "first half of June" (email from dir. of admissions Canada). Haven't heard anything about Vanderbilt's WL.



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I don't know much about these schools mentioned here, but I do know that for Fall 2006 admissions Rutgers Newark admitted a measly 11 people from wait list, and I would assume that for higher ranking scores the number would most likely not be higher, since there tends to be a trickle-down effect down the ranks.