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Undergraduate Question. NEED HELP Please


Re: Undergraduate Question. NEED HELP Please
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Good to hear. I should visit it soon, my only image pittsburg is a gloomy city where the smoke stacks have suffocated the air and death is on the horizon. Plus the only thing I know about the place is that they make good paper which i heard from a nextel commercial.

Yea... there really aren't many smoke stacks left -- none that I've really seen.

Pittsburgh is just so different from years ago when it was a steel city.  Now their big industries are service related mostly.  Software development and other high tech jobs, higher education, cultural fields, biomedical fields, legal work -- these tend to employ a lot of people in the area now.  I can't say I've heard anything about paper being made there, but who knows.

When you do visit, try to see more than just Oakland.  Check out the cool areas in Squirrel Hill and Shadyside and Carson St. on the South Side.  I think you'll likely be impressed. 


Re: Undergraduate Question. NEED HELP Please
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I agree with everything that has been said so far by others.  Only additional suggestion for you, based on my personal experience, is when evaluating a school, try to get a feel for what the teaching faculty is like.  This is helpful, if you have some idea of what field or fields you might be going into.  I, myself, am a graduating senior at my university.  What enabled me to be successful - have a good GPA and even become involved in some research under the direction of a professor (which looks very good for law schools) - is the really good professors that have really inspired me and made me become interested in my classes.  I know that assessing what the professors there are like might be difficult, until you start to actually start taking courses with them, but some schools have particularly strong departments in some fields - try to find out what those are, you can read professor's resumes on-line, talk to students and/or professors at those universities if you get the chance, look for on-line postings of course evaluations of students at those schools.  Keep an eye out for any clues. 

When it comes to a prestigious school vs. small college, sometimes small colleges can have the better teachers because these colleges are often not really interested in research (unlike the big prestigious schools), and they have a bigger tendency to hire professors on the basis of teaching ability, rather than just research accomplishments.  On the other hand, the bigger top-level universities usually get the professors that are the best experts in their fields, and these people may teach very well, in addition to doing good research.  So it all depends.  You just have to keep these things in the back of your mind, as you research the schools and decide where to go.  In my case, I went to a big and very research-oriented school and had many professors who were great teachers.

Last note from me: beware of free stuff...  The college that offered you a free computer and full stipend might be a great school, I don't know anything about it, so I am not saying that it's not a good choice.  But before you decide to go there; do ask yourself, why are they giving me so much free stuff, when no other school is?  Is it because not a lot of people want to go there in there first place?  Is there a reason others might not want to go there, so they feel that they have to give someone carrots to lure him or her in?  Once again, researching the school may very well allay all of these doubts.  But do research and compare, don't just rush into it because of the money.

Re: Undergraduate Question. NEED HELP Please
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Thanks Lanya for your very informative response.

OK I've limited my selection down to Fordham and Cuny Honors since they're both giving me full rides. My friends and teachers are telling me to choose Fordham but I want to know what the consensus at this board is.


Re: Undergraduate Question. NEED HELP Please
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Wow, full rides?  That's incredible.  I would do some serious research if I were you.  Always be careful about listening to friends and teachers.  Even teachers give a lot of "brother-in-law advice."  Do your own research and you won't be sorry.