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negotiating merit awards

negotiating merit awards
« on: March 25, 2005, 12:20:18 PM »
Hello all -

Has anyone successfully negotiated their merit award higher?  How did you go about doing this?  With whom did you meet at the schools?

I've gotten an award from Hofstra and Fordham and would like to ask for a bit more at Fordham.


Re: negotiating merit awards
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2005, 02:05:11 PM »
I havent successfully finalized anything yet....but my approach seems to be working.....

I sent school X a letter (to the decision maker), indicating my sincere interest in attending.  The letter went on to describe my financial concerns with regards to attending school X.  I  then mentioned school Y, and the fact they had offered me a fair amount of money....It was a very honest, straightforward letter....

I followed up with a phone call a week later.  I got in contact with the recipient of my letter, we will call that person A.  Person A informed me they had no money left to give.....I gracefully accepted this and geared the conversation in a different direction.  The conversation was going well and I felt that I had developed somewhat of a rapport with Person A.  Near the end of the conversation, I set up a time to meet, and asked if there would be any money available after Seat Deposits were sent in.   Person A's attitude had completely changed, and the person thought there was a good possibility they could get me some sort of financial help.   

In conclusion, I would say be genuine. thoughtful, and professional....get in touch with the decision maker, and sell yourself......Good things will happen....JMO