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Deposits for Columbia, Hofstra, Cornell, NYLS, St. John's & San Diego?


When are the deadlines for these respective school?

St. John's is due 4/1 if you have been accepted already.  Unfortunately that is the earliest deadline of the two schools I have been accepted to and is my top choice of the two


Thanks! I just called the St. J's office and a decision was made on the March 18th. I'm so nervous now! When did you get accepted?

if you dont mind, what are your numbers yk84? 

I was accepted back in late January though they got everything they needed to start reviewing my stuff in early December IIRC.  1 of my professors was very good at getting a LOR out.  My advisor on the other hand, well that took me another 2 months including sitting in her office so she would finish it

San Diego is April 1.


well columbia and cornell are uber-uber reaches for me, but i can still dream~
my ugpa was 3.3 (cornell), ggpa 3.9 (foreign), lsat 144/156. i've been complete since mid-january, so i dont know what the hold up is, since i thought i was an automatic reject for columbia & cornell.