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Help on LSAT prep.

Help on LSAT prep.
« on: March 19, 2005, 12:57:11 AM »
I have not got the time to take a full intensive course, but intend to take the weekend course.

I need major lsat therapy!!! Please suggest some good prep materials that would get me up to speed. Right now I need to improve my score drastically!!! I am absolutely useless at the games and LR.



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Re: Help on LSAT prep.
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2005, 04:59:47 PM »
Sherlock what is your score now?

I started out at 154, and moved up to 163 studying on my own. I was testing in the high 160's towards the end. I used a combination of the Official LSAT SuperPrep, Kaplan LSAT book, Logic Games Bible and LR bible. Plus lots of tests that I downloaded from here or bought from amazon. The key is practice, practice practice. I did one section at a time until I got comfortable, then started timing questions, and eventually worked up to full timed tests (at least one per day) two weeks before the exam.

I was pretty happy with my score but feel I could have done better. I lost the weekend prior to the exam working in the hurricane shelters for 72 hours straight, and it took me the week after just to get caught up on sleep. Maybe I could have done better, maybe not - but practice as much and as often as you can. That's really the best thing you can do.