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What schools are underrated by US News?

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What schools are underrated by the US News rankings?  I know they are horribly biased and all that, but what schools do you think are better regarded, better prepare you, that sort of thing than their ranking would indicate.  Or have qualities not put into the equation for US News that make the school better than their rank. 

I was thinking about Northeastern, which I think is probably underrated as they tend to downplay LSAT/GPA a little in their admissions which would bring down their ranking.  I really like the school, but have gotten into a couple of much better ranked schools (Loyola and American) and am having a hard time not going for the better ranked schools. 

I believe, based on hours of research and deliberation, that Mercer, Stetson and Florida Coastal School of Law are all under-ranked.  This is, as aforementioned, based on deliberate and diligent research, not the fact that these are the only schools that I have been accepted to thus far.

Many regional schools are underrated, there are teir 2 schools and low ranked schools like Brooklyn/Cardozo/American/Miami that are excellent regional schools with excellent job prospects. If you want to work in Miami you are far better off going to UMiami (77) than Uconn (43).


Yes, I applied to many of the schools I'm going to mention. That's because they're great deals!

I think UC Hastings and American are much better schools than their ranking indicates. At both there seems to be an emphasis on giving a leg up to the kinds of applicant that are historically marginalized by society. I think that is a major drain on their LSAT/GPA averages. They could be more highly ranked if they wanted to.

Other schools that are better-regarded than their rank would indicate: Wisconsin, Tulane, UC Davis, Emory, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Boston College, Illinois, U Washington.


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