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The Most Detailed, Effective and Efficient Way to Improve Reading Comprehension


This thread is intended to generate the most detailed, effective and efficient way to improve reading comprehension on the LSAT.

Please share with us your own personal ideas/methods for training for the RC, and actual methods for taking the RC (i.e. using highlighter, reason for the method, etc.).



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I would like to hear it too!  ;D

Good thread, looking forward to hearing solid advice.  One thing that would help this thread out alot is to list the most common forms of questions that appear in the RC.  If anyone can do this that would be honorable :)


There are 6 types of RC questions.

1)  Main Point (like LRB's Main Point)
2)  Description (like LRB's Must Be True).

3)  Writing Technique
3a-  Compare and contrast 2 positions
3b-  Show cause and effect.
3c-  State a position and then give supporting evidence.

4)  Extension (like LRB's Assumption Q's)
5)  Application (like LRB's Justify the Conclusion Q's)
6)  Tone


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there is a ton of invaluable material on this board in ref. to rc.  just do a search.  yeah, it will take some time, but it's really worth it.  GL.