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In at U of A

In at U of A
« on: March 07, 2005, 09:24:56 PM »
For anybody out there also waiting,

I got an email today saying I was accepted at U of A.  I am a mature student if that makes any difference.  I don't know when I have to respond by but probably that deadline will be indicted in the mailout.  For me, it feels like a long road. Best of luck to anyone else waiting.

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Congratulations on getting at U of A!

I have applied to U of A among other Canadian schools.  I have a strong LSAT score but weaker GPA so I knew I probably would not make first round offers.  I also knew that with a 70% weight on LSAT, U of A would be my best bet.  My question to you or anyone else who has been admitted is when do you have to accept or decline your offer and what is the fee payable upon acceptance?  I'm wondering if those who are accepted to other schools and may not choose UofA will accept just to keep their options open and withdraw in July/August or if there are offers being declined now.  I've been told I'm about as close as possible to making the 'magic acceptance number' without an offer so I am anxious to find out sooner than later. 

Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted thus far and I wish you luck!

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April 7 is the deadline.
$175.00 is the fee. Many people will just pay the fee to hold their seat while they wait for other faculties to respond.
My LSAT was not dazzling but I probably got acceptance as a mature student not a regular applicant.   
I would love to attend U of A but I might not ultimately.

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           I was admitted in January and the deadline for my acceptance was March 31st.  I think the deadline my might be different for people accepted at different times though. The UofA open house is this weekend and the deadline on the 31st so I with people making thier decisions based on the open house and the deadline passing after that maybe spots will open up.