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I just got a thin, white envelope from USC. Thinking it was a rejection, I opened it and to my suprise it was a letter telling me that they have done a preliminary review of my application and would like me to come in and interview with the Dean of Admissions. I was so excited this is not a rejection, but now I am so nervous for this interview! Has anyone else gotten one of these? Is this cause I am probably borderline?

I got the same letter today.  I'm going in for my interview next week.  I didn't realize that USC did interviews, so it was somewhat of a surprise.  We have the exact same numbers, so I'm not surprised that we both got one. :)

And what exactly are your numbers if you don't mind me asking?



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OH yeah i am going in next week too, what day are you going? Are you from La? DO you think they gave this to people just from around here (i.e. accessible to go interview?)


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