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Hey everyone, I need some advice. I got rejected from my top choice, Wisconsin, and expect a similar outcome from UIUC in the mail any day now. Now my choice comes down to between OSU and Kent. I know that OSU is a better school, at least in terms of USNWR rankings, but I'm really tempted to go to Kent instead, mostly because of location. I've lived in Chicago my whole life, and one of the reasons I went to NU undergrad was to stay in the Chicago area. OSU is about a seven hour drive for me, which is further away than I wanted to go for law school (Wisconsin is a little over two hours). I definitely want to practice in Chicago after law school. But I like the fact OSU feels more collegy, and dislike the commuter feel schools like Kent have.

So the problem is this- do I go to a better ranked school with a better campus/atmosphere, or do I go to a respected Chicago school to stay in the area I love and be closer to family and friends (most of whom are living in the city as well)? I've looked at the stats, and it seems the vast majority of OSU grads practice in Ohio.  Assuming the same GPA/rank, will I be more likely to get a better job in Chicago if I go to OSU, even though there aren't as many of OSU grads in Chicago as there are Kent grads? How big of a deal is the 20-spot difference in the ranking of the two schools?

Any input would be appreciated... thanks!

I think staying in Chicago is the smartest move if you plan on practicing there. I say this even though I think OSU is a great school and plan on going there myself.

Anyone else? I really am looking for more input, especially from the large numbers of OSU/Kent fans out there.

Don't underestimate the advantage of being a native of the town where you go to school. I think that your GPA will likely be higher in Chicago just because you won't have to spend time learning the town.

OSU... I have no real reason.

Question though: When did you hear your Wisconsin decision? I'm waiting.


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