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GULC phone call not exactly encouraging

GULC phone call not exactly encouraging
« on: March 04, 2005, 01:54:17 PM »
Well. I applied to the part-time program. LSAC file was sent like 2 months ago. Online status check has been at "applied" ever since. So I sent an e-mail a couple of weeks ago. No response. I sent another one a couple of days ago because I can't find the admissions office phone #. No response. So I finally called another office at GULC and got transferred to the very helpful Katrina.

Apparently I shouldn't have paid the application fee and sent a fee waiver request at the same time. It bungled up the system. Even though they told me a long time ago that they couldn't refund a fee once it was paid, my file was apparently waiting for fee waiver approval.

Good news: My file is now correctly classified as complete.

Bad news: The delay may cost me, and I'm already at the very margin of possible acceptance.