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Re: Does a 3.7 GPA preclude me from admission to any particular Law School?


You are not precluded.  Might look good to write a novel or something, though.

i hate to burst your bubble, but my experience might be relevant.  i graduated from a top school with a 3.74.  when i applied to law school, my lsdas gpa was a 3.78.  however, because of my lsat score--161--i was waitlisted almost everywhere i applied.  grades, while important, are, as i have learned, not nearly as important as the test.  i wanted very much to stay at georgetown, and, while i was denied admission, many of my friends with lower--and in some cases much lower--gpa's are attending there next year. 

don't mean to be discouraging.  you sound like a very intelligent person, and i am sure that you will be fine in the admissions process.  sounds like your gpa is something you don't need to worry about--maybe you should start worrying about--or studying for--the lsat.