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They mailed me two acceptance letters as well, but one was from the admissions dean and one from the dean of the school.  I got in relatively quickly, compared to what most of you are experiencing.  Mailed mid-Nov. complete Dec. 17 in on Jan 18.  My numbers aren't particularly great, 161/3.86 but I am instate.  I don't know if that had any bearing on how quickly my app. was reviewed.  I imagine they separate them into two piles as UNC receives about a 3:1 ratio of out of state vs. resident apps.  I'm still surprised it's taking them this long.

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i'm in-state. who else is?

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i'm in-state. who else is?

I'm in-state.  Numbers not stellar: 3.6/160 (non-URM).  But the intangibles are there: BS in engineering from a top-5 undergrad, MS in engineering from a top-5 grad school, 5+ years work experience.  UNC received my LSAC report on 12/29 and the acceptance letter was dated 2/1.

Looking at LSN, I would not stand a chance out-of-state. 

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Now you have to change your avatar.

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For those who don't want to click and go through another thread, I'll repost this here.

I spoke with the office late last week or earlier than this week.  I asked if they could verify that the decisions would be mailed on March 1.  The woman I spoke with said "No, they aren't being mailed March 1.  The Dean hopes to have made all the decisions by March 1.  After that, letters need to be printed, signed, etc. etc."

Every keeps saying "don't let the Admissions Office turn you off of a great school"  I jsut can't help but feel really put off by this though. I had issues trying to arrange a visit.  The staff don't know what their talking about, apparently.  Two different people said "You have to do a self tour" and then when asked about sitting in on a class, they responded with "oh, you have to check with a professor to see if they're ok with that."  My second call to the school I flat out told her that was ridiculous, and every single admissions office I'd spoken with up to that point scheduled that for prospective students.  Only then did they confirm what I was told here on lsd: Doris Martin ( is the one who reserves/gives you a parking pass and she can also arrange a student led tour and a classroom visit.

And admissions office is supposed to be the PR/recruiting face of a school.  If they ahve their heads up their asses, and no one does anything about it, then what does that say about the school?  It's a hard question, and a big factor in me just chucking them altogether, good program or no.

I guess they figure being a Tier one school that only costs $11K a year doesn't require much advertising.  It is unfourunate that they are doing such a poor job but the schools  here in NC have been severely hurt by the state's budget problems.  Things are going to suffer a bit. 
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For anyone who is still waiting to hear from UNC I just called the admissions office asking if I would/should receive my decision before leaving for my visit next Thursday.  I was told "the admissions committee and dean are doing the best they can to make decisions as quickly as possible but i cannot give you any kind of timeframe."  Based on this I'm guessing the info Jacy got last week is no longer valid, because March 1st has come and gone and it appears that they're still making decisions.   >:(
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Thanks for the update, birdy!

I'm nixing my visit, and saving some cash on a hotel room and stuff.  Oh well.  Looks like I was meant to be in GA!

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Birdy -- Thanks for being the one to bite the bullet and do what we've all wanted to do. Obviously they were trying to be optimistic and play catch-up, but it takes time I suppose. The curious thing is that it seems that they want to release their decisions all at once. I'm judging from LSN, where they don't seem to have accepted OR rejected anyone in a week and a half. Why not let them trickle out?


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« Reply #18 on: March 03, 2005, 01:48:03 PM »
Very strange indeed...  I spoke with an admissions rep this past November who said that they usually accept most of their class by the time the Dec. LSAT scores are released!!!!!  Riiight.
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